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Denise Hession

The Reluctant Emigrant is a weekly column published each Friday in the Cork Evening Echo, Ireland

The Reluctant Emigrant, by Denise Hession is inspired by recession in Ireland and emigration to Doha in Qatar, Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, Jakarta in Indonesia and finally back again to Doha since October, 2014.

The Reluctant Emigrant details and highlights various aspects of expat life abroad, particularly for an expat wife, and often adds a humorous twist to everyday happenings.

you can contact Denise on denisehession@gmail.com -or by using the form below





13 thoughts on “About The Reluctant Emigrant – Denise Hession

  1. Hello Denise, do you write for the Tuam Herald also, theres a piece in it this week, galway girl abroad? too much of a coincidence, my sister has moved to Malaysia, she gave me the link to this,

  2. your website is a like a handbook on being an Irish expat abroad I particularly enjoy the “Abu Dhabi days”, I live in Al Ain and can relate to many of the stories, good luck in Jakarta – sounds interesting!!!!!! – Triona, Tipperary

  3. Just found your blog as hub just accepted an offer in Qatar (I’m half Irish, grew up in UK with Irish parents) but feel very averse to relocation especially as have 3 kids at school here! I enjoy your writing style and the vivid ‘presence’ you convey in your writing wherever you are. I also appreciate the humour. WEll done. I look forward to keeping up with you and your blog!

    • Hello Eleanor, why thank you for such a gleaming endorsement! And I’m glad you enjoy. Qatar is family friendly and I’m sure you and your family will have no problem settling in. If you do need any help, send me an email, especially regarding schools etc, that can be a minefield. Denise x

  4. Great blog! I’ve been successful for a job in Doha and am awaiting my offer – it’s looking like my two teen sons will stay in Dublin with my ex- husband – even more so now after reading your 3324 – especially given Number 1 wants to do medicine in RCSI 😱😳😂

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