Fill your Sandals

 I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but I have a real thing about feet,  If the eyes are the windows to the soul then the feet are our anchor to the here and now.
There are three kinds of stances that I use a marker to get a good impression of someone, 
1,  The person who walks and stands with their feet pointing slightly outward – this person is concerned with outward appearances, aware of their place in their place in the world and confident in themselves ( right or wrong)    The extent of the awareness depends on the width of the angle i.e. wider the angle = more outwardly aware, careful.  a wide angle coupled with a very definite impression on the outer side of the heal = self aware and confident.
2.  The person who walks and stands with their feet slightly turned in – any issues this person is dealing with is coming from themselves, tipupuselfo ( latin for: tripping yourself up) as above, the depth of which is dependent on the how turned in the feet are.   They may be more pressure placed on the ball of the foot here,  which is representative of the fact that this person is tripping themselves up with a great deal of intent.
3.  The person who walks and stands with their feet parallel,  utterly unbreakable, completely self-assured,  feet firmly on the ground providing the perfect balance and support for their bodies on the ground.
Now, you can’t choose your feet, but your sandals……..well,  they’re your own making.
I saw a few women walking around with patent gold, high heel roman sandals and a few more with high heeled diamonte flip flops, needless to say I felt completely yogic looking at this while wearing my practical Fitflops.  I wasn’t kidding myself like these women were,  trying to walk in those shoes in this heat and the pressure that they must be putting on themselves to live up to this was ridculous. Not to mention to affect on their marriages and close relationships. “Be content and comfortable”,  my Fitflops shouted at them,  “let yourself go”,  “who or what are you doing all this for”,  until then  ,  I saw them…….OMG,  down at the school a woman walked in with dark brown flat sandals,  one buckle at the ankle and nothing between the toe,  worn, dulled from sands and her size 7 or 8 feet were filling them, it was like they could have expanded more if it wasn’t for the necessity to wear something on your feet at all. How admirable, when everyone else seemed to be trying to contract their footprint and make it seem less significant. My Fitflops were completely intimidated. After all they promised to tone my legs while i supped frothy mochas,  hard promise to live up to.  Her sandals said “I’ll keep the stones off your feet”.  
This woman screamed contentment.  She was about forty.  tall,  well built, full lips great teeth, hair to her shoulder, no make-up, nail varnish – how do  (i’d say she always wore her hair long and it’s been going up a few inches since the kids), She exuded confident and sensuality, had an adult nose, veiny expressive hands, and most of all great feet.  If my feet say, “I’m not perfect,  but his bright red nail varnish is Chanel, and at least I’m trying”,  hers were saying, “yup, This is me”.  She was a good size 14 (tall woman mind) and I admired the way she lived it rather than being bitten looking, in a size too small pair of bermudas. (anyway she was wearing a long skirt). I’d say she’d go to the gym only she’s too busy reading or tending some kind of herbs out the back.  She wouldn’t like gyms anyway.  She’d have no interest in walking the Corniche with me tearing along as if on a crusade to lose effects of 10 years of wine consumption in an hour, she’d stopping and starting admiring things.  I’m assuming she was naturally thin years ago, and this fuller look is something she evolved to, embraced, and is now this is natural too, bearing in mind now that this woman is not obese or unhealthy, in fact she looked the picture of health. She was wearing sunglasses so I couldn’t see her eyes. She just looked like she was maxxing it out and not always waiting for the next stage, confident in the knowledge that she will experience and enjoy each one. While the rest of the world are having, white wine, Dolmio pasta and clumsy quickies with their partners she’s having the burgundy, fresh homemade pasta and having bloody tantric sex.  

I woke up again last night, laughing in my sleep. I’m smiling while I’m driving and I’m remembering the wise words of my oul buddy “let it go” and while I’m not ready to turn my back on Blossom Hill Crisp and Fruity just yet,  I’m definitely filling my sandals.


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